Numerious is a full-service strategic consulting firm, offering primarily quantitative survey research methodologies to help companies understand their consumers and uncover what they truly need in a product or service.  

At Numerious, we pride ourselves on being choice methodology experts, specializing in Conjoint and MaxDiff analysis, with a unique ability to transform these heavy mathematical models into actionable strategic direction. 

In addition, we aim to educate more people on these methodologies and thus actively participate in industry conferences and host multiple training events for enthusiastic analysts and  end clients.

Since 2019, Numerious has helped some of the largest tech companies make better decisions using math.  And we do all of this virtually.  Our goal is to hire the best talent, no matter where you live.  

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At the moment, there are no open roles at Numerious but you are welcome to apply and we will keep your information on record for when we hire.  

Serious, qualified applicants should send cover note and resume to

Interviews by phone and/or video will be a part of the candidate review process. 

Lead candidates will also be assigned at least one project-specific challenge to assess research prowess and efficiency. 

Candidates will be assessed on a rolling basis, and the position will be filled as soon as the match is right.