Sawtooth Software Conference
April 19-23, 2021
San Antonio, Texas

Using MaxDiff instead of CBC? Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

With the introduction of Anchored MaxDiff from Jordan Louviere (Indirect Anchoring) and Kevin Lattery (Direct Anchoring), we're given a new set of capabilities and a proxy for the "none" alternative that we previously only had in a Choice-Based Conjoint.  But can (and should) we take our smaller CBC designs and turn them into Anchored MaxDiffs?  If  we do, will we get similar results?  Benefits could include automatically capturing interaction effects, easily running TURF analysis, and creating clustering solutions based on reactions to the entire product preference, not just individual feature preference.  This paper sets out to understand the pros and cons of turning a simple CBC into an Anchored MaxDiff and recommendations for when it might be most useful.



"Megan recently conducted a training on advanced quantitative methods for our team. She quickly established comfort and rapport, making the training engaging, relevant, and even fun. Megan was able demystify methods we don’t use often as we would like. The training had a positive impact on those from a variety of backgrounds and experience-levels – introducing ideas and laying the ground work for our newest employees, instilling confidence and know-how in our research managers, and bringing new ideas to our most veteran consultants.

We look forward to having Megan back to conduct future trainings, as well as partnering on upcoming research projects."

- Amanda Delzer, Psyma International 


Insights Association Webinar

Watch this 6 minute clip of a recent webinar from Megan Peitz, for the Insights Association to get a brief overview of Conjoint Analysis and why we like it.



February 2020

Owner, Megan Peitz, presented to a room of eager students at Hillsdale College, hoping to inspire careers in Math and Statistics.  This presentation focused on the field of Marketing Research as well as the applications of Conjoint Analysis.  Enjoy!



November 2020

Owner, Megan Peitz, gave a brief introduction to key methods Numerious offers, Conjoint and MaxDiff, at the 2020 Sub Summit Conference.

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