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a group of people eager to find the story in the numbers 

Numerious helps companies uncover what their customers truly want

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Partner with our team to answer key business objectives in any industry from tech to subscription services to consumer goods to financial services.  We can help in all aspects of your research project from design, to programming, to analysis and reporting.   Our expertise includes Conjoint Analysis, MaxDiff, Segmentation, TURF Analysis, market simulations and more.

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Interested in growing your team's knowledge of discrete choice techniques?  Schedule an in-person or online training specific to your business.  We combine our love of teaching with years of experience to bring your team's capabilities to the next level.  New to conjoint and MaxDiff?  That's okay!  Each training is customized to fit your needs.  

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"We place tremendous value in our partnership with Numerious Inc.  The team is on the cutting-edge of all things marketing science, and we rely on them to bring the best advanced analytics so we can maximize the value of the research.  Via training sessions, Megan ensures we’re in-the-know on the latest happenings in her world and uses case studies to bring the information to life.  We’ll continue to partner with Numerious for their creative thinking, collaboration, client-friendly nature and all around data rockstars."   

– EVP, Corporate Strategy & Innovation

"The Numerious team are experts in marketing science and translation. They possess the ability to not only run complex data analyses but then interpret them and boil them down to key insights. I never feel like I’m speaking a different language or left confused. The Numerious team has the ability to pass their knowledge along to others. Through training sessions, they educate people about the various data analytics Numerious uses. We value Numerious’ knowledge and appreciate the partnership!"  

- Marketing Insights Project Director

"Megan recently conducted a training on advanced quantitative methods for our team. She quickly established comfort and rapport, making the training engaging, relevant, and even fun. Megan was able to demystify methods we don’t use often as we would like. The training had a positive impact on those from a variety of backgrounds and experience-levels – introducing ideas and laying the ground work for our newest employees, instilling confidence and know-how in our research managers, and bringing new ideas to our most veteran consultants.  We look forward to having Megan back to conduct future trainings, as well as partnering on upcoming research projects."

- Amanda Delzer, Psyma International 

"Megan Peitz is the best in the business on deep quant user research. Specialty is conjoint -- with a focus on tradeoffs between pricing, feature sets, and customer segmentation. 

Over 8 years, we built out a ton of capabilities at Nest (and then Google) to learn about our customers and better design products for them...and Megan was indispensable." 

- Harry Tannenbaum, Co-Founder, Chewie Labs




A self-proclaimed nerd with her master’s in mathematics and statistics, Megan Peitz has challenged stereotypes as the female owner of Numerious Inc. With over 15 years of marketing research experience, Megan has helped some of the world's largest companies fine tune their products and services using math. 

Megan has a passion for teaching and is a consistent guest speaker at the University of Michigan (UofM) Ross School of Business, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Management and University of Virginia (UVA) Darden School of Business. 


She has also presented at many industry conferences on discrete choice techniques and dedicates time to mentor females interested in STEM careers.  Most recently, Megan's work on large item sets in MaxDiff (Best-Worst Scaling) was published in the Journal of Choice Modeling (2019) and her work on large attribute sets in Conjoint analysis won best paper at the 2019 Sawtooth Software Conference. 




Lead Strategist

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Director of Analytics



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Analytics Strategist



Data Analyst

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Daniel Barkley

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Abby Anderson

Data Analyst


Karen DeVault

Executive Assistant


Data Analyst

Numerious is a National Woman-Owned Business Enterprise!

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10051 E. Highland Road, STE. 29-244
Howell, MI 48843 USA

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